The characteristics of the SKELP family

Skelp stands for shell in Belgian province West-Flanders, where Delta Light’s roots are. The shape also makes you think of a shell. The rear of the fitting is a cut-out in a spherical shape, created in white aluminium. The LED, which is built in under the Skelp, produces a pleasant, indirect light.

Thanks to its slim design the Skelp On can be used in small spaces and narrow hallways to create a timeless, atmospheric and elegant lighting scenario. From front view one cannot see whether Skelp is installed recessed or surface mounted.

More than a functional lighting element Skelp can be used to create a composition that lends extra cachet to the setting. If you are looking to add some fun and style to your project you can combine multiple Skelps to create a an attractive composition.

SKELP subfamilies

Recent Projects

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