The characteristics of the ARTUUR family

Everything about Artuur catches the eye, be it its design, its optical compartment or its small protrusion when installed into the ceiling. Artuur comes as a downlight with sloping edges towards the center, both round and square. The design twist is in the asymmetrical square version, easily deceiving the eye but inspiring you to present creative layouts.

Another design element is the sophisticated lens on top of the deeply placed LED. While offering an outstanding quality of light, its remarkable aesthetics wow you, even when Artuur is not turned on.

Additionally, Artuur can combine pleasant general lighting with uniform wall washing, as a secondary LED module softly throws its light on vertical surfaces.

When installed into the ceiling, Artuur adds depth into the room owing to its gentle protruding ring. Small enough to be noticed, big enough to make a difference. Put the complete luminaire into a recessing kit and Artuur goes from protruding to trimless, refinement at best!

ARTUUR subfamilies

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