5 year LED warranty

(a) This extended warranty is only applicable for a period of 5 years from delivery and solely in respect of the LED module of any goods as they can be found on the Supplier's website and purchased as from 01/11/2017 ("LED Goods").

(b) The extended warranty is solely granted to a Customer purchasing LED Goods from the Supplier. The Customer is not entitled to change or extend the terms and conditions of this warranty on behalf of the Supplier.

(c) This warranty is subject to the following conditions:

(i) the LED Goods must be used in compliance with the relevant specification of the LED Goods and the relevant use (including without limitation technical specifications, installation sheet and fixture labels) and the LED Goods must be installed in compliance with any applicable (local) legislation and in an environment free of any vapours that can be of influence on the functionality of the LED (for example toxic vapours). Proof of correct installation by means of pictures, video or other reasonable means and/or the return of defective LED Goods for further analysis is to be organised by the Customer upon request from the Supplier;
(ii) the LED Goods must be installed with power supplies purchased from the Supplier and both the LED Goods concerned and the relevant power supplies must be included on one and the same Order;
(iii) any installation and/or assembly work on the LED Goods must be carried out by specialised technical staff in compliance with the instructions accompanying the LED Goods;
(iv) ambient temperature and voltage limit values must not be exceeded and the LED Goods must not be subjected to mechanical and thermal loads which do not comply with its intended use; and
(v) the LED Goods must be maintained by specialised technical staff in compliance with any instructions accompanying goods and the LED Goods must not be changed/repaired either without the relevant written authorisation from the Supplier or otherwise than in compliance with any enclosed instructions.

(d) Light output depreciation for LED Goods, is considered as normal and is therefore not covered by this warranty.

(e) This warranty does not cover change in colour temperature.

(f) Should the LED Goods be affected by defects covered by this warranty, the Supplier shall be free to decide in its absolute discretion whether to repair and/or replace the LED Goods with the same or equivalent LED Goods, subject to the technological progress that has taken place since the release of the original LED Goods. Replacement LED Goods and/or parts or repaired LED Goods and/or parts that are equally reliable to new LED Goods or parts can be used. The replacement LED Goods/part may deviate from the original but with equivalent functionality and/or minor design changes.

(g) Any LED Goods or parts with a warranted defect shall be returned by the Customer to the Supplier, along with proof of purchase and a detailed description of the claim.

(h) Any repair and/or replacement will be subject to the limitations set out in clause 10(i).

(i) The remaining part of the warranty period remains applicable to the repaired or replaced LED Goods or parts.

(j) Excluded from this warranty are: Led retrofit lamps (309 106 xx xx / 309 107 xx xx / 309 108 xx xx / 309 109 xx xx / 309 155 xx xx), ledstrip ( art. number starting with 300 91 xx xx / 300 95 xx xx) and ledflex ( art. number starting with 300 91 xx xx / 300 92 xx xx).

(k) The Supplier has the right to inspect the installation and/or the LED Goods upon reasonable notice.

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